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Green Banana Flute Studios is committed to teaching the flute with a focus on ease, balance and well-being as the foundation for learning. We believe that learning the flute should be a self-discovery of your own “inner musician”, and that your teacher should function as a musical guide along your journey.

We would encourage you to check out our blog to gain deeper insight into our teaching and musical ideologies. Check out our FAQs listed below.

Flute Lessons Online


Are flute lessons right for me?

If you are committed to regular practice and want to build your skillset on the flute we definitely think lessons are a huge benefit to learning more quickly and with much greater ease than on your own.

Do I need to have regular lessons or could I just take a few?

We are strong believers that your lessons should work for you. Advanced students may only need one lesson to get what they need to learn at a particular moment in time.  Your commitment to your own learning is far more important to your success and we recommend you take lessons as you need them, however that might look for you.

What levels do you teach?

We are comfortable teaching all levels of students. The process of learning is far more important to us that how well you currently play the flute. There is no judgement on our students ability, we are here to help you improve regardless of where you are in your musical journey. We would recommend that intermediate and advanced flute lessons are a minimum of 45 mins long to be sure concepts can be covered in adequate detail.

Do I really need a professional flute teacher?

At Green Banana we believe that learning fundamentals properly the first time saves a lot of time and effort in your journey. Having a professional flute teacher who has a robust performing career, in addition to their teaching, ensures that your teacher has a very firm grasp on the fundamentals of their instrument. If you are planning to go into music for a post-secondary degree or diploma, having a professional teacher can make or break your audition success.

Why take private lessons when I can learn through an online course for cheaper?

We think online courses are a great idea and would not discourage you from using them. You could easily use an online course and take some private lessons to make your learning faster and easier. Be mindful that there are many common mistakes that players of all levels make when learning on their own. One of the greatest values in private lessons is the corrections the teacher gives to you personally. These can save weeks, months or even years of unknowingly practicing incorrectly. Additionally, there are just some issues, especially for intermediate and advanced players that cannot be taught as effectively with the “catch all” approach of an online course.

How do online lessons work?

Green Banana uses Skype or Zoom to schedule flute lessons online. You will need to have a computer with a stable internet connection and a video function. Lessons will need to be conducted in a location where you will be free from distractions, similar to an in person studio environment.

Can I take a lesson in person?

At this time Green Banana is not able to offer lessons in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check our site for updates as this is an ever-changing situation.

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