“Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music

“Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music With the end of the orchestra season approaching, it seems the appropriate time to take stock of the past year.  Personally, I felt a roller coaster of emotions attached to the 2015-2016 orchestra season, from the highest level of musical connection and joy, to moments ofContinue reading ““Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music”

Unexpected Leadership

Unexpected Leadership In my journey to becoming a professional musician, I never once thought about any aspects of leadership.   I didn’t read any books about leadership, or take any courses, nor had I any ambitions to “lead” anyone other than myself.  Since much of my motivation was based around worthiness and a need toContinue reading “Unexpected Leadership”

My Audition Journey

My Audition Journey As I near a major birthday milestone and step ever further into my new role as a mother, I find myself spending a lot of time reflecting.  I’ve started to analyse my time on the orchestral audition circuit for the first time since I got into it in 2002 in a wayContinue reading “My Audition Journey”

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