No. 1, 26 Little Caprices, Joachim Andersen Op. 37

Study guide on the 26 Little Caprices by Anderson. Explore performance videos, tips videos and a written study guide to help you fine tune your flute playing. Caprice No. 1

Preparing for Your Undergraduate Flute Lesson

Preparing for Your Undergraduate Flute Lesson Following these simple steps will help you get the most from your flute lessons. One of the biggest challenges of teaching undergraduate students is that there simply isn’t enough time to address all of the issues that I notice as a teacher. Generally teachers will prioritize issues in playingContinue reading “Preparing for Your Undergraduate Flute Lesson”

“Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music

“Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music With the end of the orchestra season approaching, it seems the appropriate time to take stock of the past year.  Personally, I felt a roller coaster of emotions attached to the 2015-2016 orchestra season, from the highest level of musical connection and joy, to moments ofContinue reading ““Shame Triggers” that Come with a Career in Music”

The Truth About Why I Became a Musician

The Truth About Why I Became a Musician When I think back to my earliest recollection of a connection or pull to music, I don’t think of my first piano lessons or even picking up the flute for the first time.  Neither was there a cathartic moment while attending a live performance that I saidContinue reading “The Truth About Why I Became a Musician”

Unexpected Leadership

Unexpected Leadership In my journey to becoming a professional musician, I never once thought about any aspects of leadership.   I didn’t read any books about leadership, or take any courses, nor had I any ambitions to “lead” anyone other than myself.  Since much of my motivation was based around worthiness and a need toContinue reading “Unexpected Leadership”

8 Musical Things I’m Grateful For

8 Musical Things I’m Grateful For One of the best tools both Sara(h)’s have started using in recent years in our quest for balanced, healthy lives and careers is the “gratitude journal”.   Essentially it is any type of journal (big, small, fancy or even just some scrap paper) in which you write 8 thingsContinue reading “8 Musical Things I’m Grateful For”

The Art of Neutral Practice

The Art of Neutral Practice What is the difference between aspiring to excellence and being “hard on yourself”? Striving for excellence is emotionally neutral, fun and doesn’t affect your sense of self worth. It is not personal, rather it is simply a matter of observing what you are doing and making corrections to things youContinue reading “The Art of Neutral Practice”