Helping you play your best is what we do.

Now offering flute lessons online

What is Special About Green Banana?

Professional Flutists
  • We LOVE the flute! For us, music is a deep calling and we are fiercely committed to excellence in our playing and teaching.
  • Green Banana is built upon a friendship between Sara(h)’s that values teamwork, respect and trust both on and off the stage.
  • We love teaching because we can help you learn faster and more easily than on your own. We want to save you weeks, months or even years of playing with bad habits because we know that playing your best is just more fun!
  • We believe in a wellness based approach to lessons rather than a singular focus on a student’s ability. We know that balance and perspective are the key to success and strive to work with the whole person, not just the flute player.

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