No. 11, 26 Little Caprices, Op. 37, Joachim Andersen

Lesson Focus: Light supported staccato Find the music HERE. I grew to absolutely love this study as I learned it. The challenges were very real and I was humbled to learn how much work it took to marry my musical vision with my skillset. The study is light, articulated and long! As much as itContinue reading “No. 11, 26 Little Caprices, Op. 37, Joachim Andersen”

No. 10, 26 Little Caprices, Op. 37 Joachim Andersen

Study guide on the 26 Little Caprices by Anderson, Op. 37. Explore performance videos, tips videos and a written study guide to help you fine tune your flute playing. Caprice No. 10